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Siena Modern Design Sideboard & Cabinet Storage

Siena Modern Design Sideboard & Cabinet Storage

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  • Width: 70.87 inches
  • Depth: 15.75 inches
  • Height: 32.68 inches

    Shelf Measurements:

    • The distance between the shelves is 11.14 inches, providing ample space for various items.
    • The width of each shelf segment is 27.40 inches, ensuring you can store wider items with ease.
    • The central open area measures 13.19 inches, perfect for displaying decorative pieces or accommodating taller items.

Ample Storage Space The Siena Console offers an impressive amount of storage space with its four doors and two drawers. This makes it an ideal piece for keeping your living room, dining room, or hallway organized. The generous size ensures that you can store a variety of items, from large blankets and pillows to smaller everyday essentials.

High-Quality Construction Crafted from premium MDF material, the Siena Console is built to last. Its sturdy construction guarantees durability, while the smooth finish provides a sophisticated look that complements any decor style.

Versatile Shelving The console features multiple shelves behind the doors, allowing you to organize your items efficiently. Whether you need space for books, decorative pieces, or media equipment, the Siena Console has you covered. The adjustable shelves provide flexibility, enabling you to customize the storage space to fit your needs.

Elegant Design The Siena Console combines functionality with elegance. Its sleek lines and modern design make it a stylish addition to any room. The tapered legs add a touch of sophistication, while the minimalist handles on the doors and drawers maintain a clean and contemporary look.

Easy Assembly The console is designed for easy assembly, with clear instructions and all necessary hardware included. You can quickly and effortlessly set up your new console and start enjoying its benefits.

Multifunctional Use Due to its large size and versatile design, the Siena Console can be used in various settings. In the living room, it can serve as a media center, providing ample space for your TV and entertainment devices. In the dining room, it can act as a stylish buffet, offering storage for tableware and linens. In the hallway, it can be a functional piece for storing shoes, bags, and other accessories.

Enhanced Organization With its combination of open and closed storage, the Siena Console helps you keep your space tidy and organized. The closed doors conceal clutter, while the open shelves and drawers offer easy access to frequently used items. This thoughtful design ensures that your belongings are always within reach but neatly stored away.

A Statement Piece The Siena Console is not just a piece of furniture; it's a statement piece that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home. Its large size and elegant design make it a focal point in any room, drawing attention and admiration from guests.

Upgrade your home with the Siena Console, a perfect blend of style, functionality, and ample storage space. Its impressive size and versatile design make it an essential addition to any modern home.

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